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Specialist in the Appraisal and Valuation of Militaria & Firearms. Providing complimentary appraisals of Military Collectibles and Firearms from all wars, conflicts, and eras - including Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War, Indian Wars, WWI / World War I, WWII / World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Modern Conflicts. Centurion Auctions is an industry leader in the evaluation, marketing, and sale of firearms and wartime military memorabilia. We travel nationally to meet clients, review collections, execute appraisal tasking, and to pick up military and firearm collections.

Appraising Single Items to Large Military Collections - including Swords, Bayonets, Knives, Daggers, Bolos, Helmets, Hats, Uniforms, Patches, Medals, Awards, Flags, Banners, Cloth, Gear, Equipment, Letters, and Documents.

Appraising Single Firearms to Large Firearm Collections - to include Antique, Modern, and Military, such as Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Flintlocks, Percussion, and Black Powder.

Sell Military Collection - We buy military collections. We also accept them on consignment to sell in our Militaria Auctions. We travel nationally and specialize in handling large, lifelong militaria collector collections. Contact us to sell your military collection.

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Appraising Military Collectibles and Firearms of all Countries - to include United States, U.S., American, German, French, English / British, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Australian, Polish, Austrian, Swiss, Danish, Norwegian, Canadian, and Others.

Most Military collectibles and firearms are highly sought after by collectors. Your militaria and firearms may hold great value. Contact us for a complimentary, no obligation current market price opinion.

Our services include complimentary price opinions, written certified appraisal reports, outright purchase, and consignment to auction. We are licensed auctioneers, GPPA / USPAP appraisers, licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, and hold a Class III / NFA SOT. We review, market and successfully sell tens of thousands of items each and every year. We can assist you.

We travel nationally in the acquisition of militaria collections, firearm collections, firearm appraisal tasking, militaria appraisal tasking, and exceptional items.

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  • Civil War 69th New York Volunteer Irish Officer (Captain) Kepi Commands $14,700

    A Civil War 69th New York Volunteer Irish Officer (Captain) Kepi brought to market with Centurion realized $14,700. Constructed of dark blue fine quality wool trimmed with 3 rows black silk trim & 3 rows of black silk quatrefoil on top of the crown. Heavy bullion embroidered front insignia with "69" metal pin.
  • 1943 US Inland M1A1 .30 Caliber 1st Block Production Paratrooper Carbine Attracts Attention

    A scarce 1943 WWII US Inland (1st block production) M1A1 .30 caliber Paratrooper Carbine caught the eye of M1 Carbine collectors. Opening to an immediate bidding battle that finally came to rest at a final price of $10,560.
  • First Pattern Philippines Battle Flag Surrendered To US Army Captures Collectors

    A First Pattern Philippines battle Flag (1898 - 1901) surrendered to the US Army sold for $37,800 with Centurion. Opening at $4,100 in the live auction, fierce bidding between collectors carried the lot to a final hammer price of $37,800. A record setting sale price for a First Pattern Philippines battle Flag.
  • Colt Model 1921 .45 ACP Thompson Submachine Gun & Matching Drum Magazine Brings $82,800

    Colt model 1921 3-digit serial number .45 ACP Thompson submachine gun with original hardcase and drum magazine having matching serial number brings $82,800 at Centurion. NFA firearms remain in strong demand with collectors as this high-grade Colt model 1921 submachine gun in original FBI blue velvet lined case, and provenance draws heavy bidding.
  • 1997 Soyuz TM-26 Flown Cosmonaut Spacesuit Hammers Sold At $40,800

    A 1997 Soyuz TM-26 flown cosmonaut spacesuit fetches $40,800 on the auction block at Centurion. The full-pressure flown spacesuit worn by cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov during his EVA on MIR. Vinogradov was onboard MIR for more than 195 days and was there during its docking with STS-86 (Atlantis) and STS-89 (Endeavor) sold in the July militaria & wartime collectible market.
  • Brigadier General Frederick Appleton Smith Collection - Wartime Trophies & Personal Items

    Centurion Auctions is pleased to bring to market the wartime trophies and personal items of Brigadier General Frederick Appleton Smith (1849 – 1922). All of the items indicated as belonging to Brigadier General Smith have been consigned by the family. Graduating from the United States Military Academy (West Point) in 1873 on through his retirement in 1913, the collection encompasses military, wartime, and personal pieces collected by Smith during the course of his 40-year military career in which he served extensively in the Western Frontier, Cuba, and the Philippines.
  • WWII War Trophy Firearm & Militaria Collection of Colonel Walter Buie

    Only recently discovered, the extensive WWII War Trophy Firearm & Militaria Collection of Colonel Walter Buie has been stored away within the original boxes and trunks in which the items were shipped back by Buie from his WWII service in both the European and Pacific Theaters. In Europe, Buie was commanding officer of the 272d Infantry Regiment (“Battle Axe Regiment”) of the 69th Infantry Division. Shortly after V-E Day, Buie was transferred to Japan where he served as Chief of Staff for the 25th Infantry Division and was present for V-J Day.
  • Military Aviation & Wartime Collectibles - Spencer C. Rees Collection

    Centurion Auctions is privileged to bring to market and sell the extensive lifetime Military Aviation and Wartime Collectibles Collection of military history enthusiast and collector, Spencer C. Rees (Sugar Grove, IL | 1937 - 2017). The Rees Collection primarily includes Military Aviation and Wartime Memorabilia (Militaria)
  • WWII D-Day Flown Invasion Flag LST 314 & Lt. Henry Oakes Archive

    Historically important WWII Omaha Beach (Red) Invasion of Normandy D-Day grouping, to include the D-Day Flown Flag of LST 314, D-Day Worn / Used Personal Effects of LT. Henry L. Oakes (D-Day 11th Amphibious Force), along with other WWII Service Related Items belonging to Oakes - to cross the auction block on March 26th 2018 at Centurion Auctions.
  • US M1858 Infantry Hardee Dress Hat - Excellent Example

    A very fine example of the M1858 Infantry Hardee hat, F Co, 3rd regiment will be sold in the March 2018 Military & Wartime Collectibles Auction. This M1858 Hardee hat is manufactured by SWIFT, DICKINSON & Co, New York, and is offered within the military headgear session of the auction. The condition on this M1858 Dress hat is of significance